South Seas Distributors NZ Ltd
Chef's Warehouse Ltd

Suppliers to the hospitality industry


Hawaii Fruit Juice. 6 pack. 160ml.
Mango, Strawberry, Pineapple, Mixed berries, Orange

Mr Fresh
Mango juice
200ml, 1 litre, 2 litre
Mr Fresh juice 200ml
Mango, Guava, Mixed fruit, Apple
Mr Fresh
Mixed fruit
1 litre
Mr Fresh
1 litre
Mr Fresh
1 litre

Pudding tube 12 x 40ml, Long icy 10 x 80ml,
Kooky pop 10 x 85ml
Boobie drink 6 x 180ml,
Fruits pudding 24 x 43ml

Laundry washing powder  
Summer Fresh
Mini cola
10 x 85ml tubes
Yummy delight
ice pops
Western Family drinks
Fruit punch soda, Root beer, Pineapple soda

Mum's Choice Party Time Peanuts
Hot n Spicy 130g / Salted 130g
Roasted peanuts in shell

City Fresh
Coconut Juice 310ml